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My name is Stephanie Fulcher and I own a network of websites including this little Ezine site. I have been the owner of the Your Biz Café Network (formerly Annual Press) for 5 years. Feel free to join the forums to start a discussion, introduce your business and build a network with like-minded people. Oh, and you can post an article as well.

About Your Biz Cafe

Your Biz Cafe is established for Business owners and affiliates. Members can connect with others and participate in discussions and share their knowledge of Internet marketing and blogging. You can also market your business opportunities and share resources about your industry. If you are not yet a Your Biz Café member please feel free to sign up. You can click the register link above the site.

Why start Your Biz Cafe Network?

Well, I wanted to give people a combination of things. Internet marketing services, Resources, and website Reviews. Every website needs recognition but the potential client needs to know the face behind the business. Of course, there will be advertising on the site. However, the focus is on you. What you know, where you are from, and your experience. Just like a resume sells you the potential employee, your profile and interests will gain you connections.

Why build this page?

This little site is just a place to find ezine marketing services, special promotions, blogging tips, and marketing tips for your business. There is always a need to build your business. Your Biz Cafe has has the information for you to succeed. Check out the Your Biz Cafe Websites on the right to see what kind of traffic services you need. If you have any questions, suggestions or an issue with one of these sites please contact me by opening a ticket.

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