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Classified Ads $5

Your Ad will be seen at the bottom of the issue. The ad will be in the issue permanently.

Solo Ads $10

Your Solo ad will show up permanently in the archive. No other ads will accompany your solo ads. Your Solo will also be featured at the forums of Your Biz Cafe.

Combo Ad $15

You can submit a solo ad and a classified to be published in the ezine.

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Would you like to contribute to the Ezine? You can submit an article ranging from many different topcs and categories. Click Here to submit your article.

The following will not be accepted:

  1. No Adult site of any kind will be accepted.
  2. No Gambling sites.
  3. No Gifting or Get rich schemes.
  4. No hate or racially motivated sites will be accepted.
  5. No ad blaster systems.
  6. No typing or work from home sites.
  7. No dollar signs in your subject lines of your solo ads.
  8. No Pyramid schemes of any kind.
  9. No pop ups are allowed for the US Webtraffic, US Popunder traffic or the World Wide traffic Campaigns.

Guidlines for submission

  1. All solo ads will be published Mondays and Wednesdays only.
  2. Solo Ads should be subitted with the URL in the URL field.
  3. URLs should not be in the body of the solo ad.
  4. Classified ads will be seen at the bottom of the issiue and must be 6 lines plus URL.
  5. All ads will be seen in the issue and will be perminant.

Please Note: Guidlines are applicable to all ads. Each solo ad and classified ad are human edited. That means I will test your links before they are published. If you submitted an ad and you forgot something, feel free to open a ticket. Lastly, your classified ads will be featured in the Ezine Ads Section.

Ads by YB Cafe Ads