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Classified Ads $5

Your Ad will be seen at the bottom of the issue. The ad will be in the issue permanently.

Solo Ads $10

Your Solo ad will show up permanently in the archive. No other ads will accompany your solo ads. Your Solo will also be featured at the forums of Your Biz Cafe.

200x200 Banner ad: $10

Your banner must be 200x200 and have a working URL. You banner will be in the ezine issue permanently. Plus, ech issue is displayed in fuill text. That means your banner ad will be seen by readers that come acrross the site.

Combo Ad $15

You can submit a solo ad and a classified to be published in the ezine.

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Would you like to contribute to the Ezine? You can submit an article ranging from many different topics and categories. Click Here to submit your article.

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