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{Issue 23} How to Gain more visitors Part 2
Want to get more out of your memberships at YBC Ad board and my sunny ads? Check out the latest tips to help you on your marketing journey.
{Issue 22} The benefits outweigh the features
When selling a product or service, is it the features that sell the product? Or will the benefits have more impact. You are a member of a text ad Exchange, what more is there? Plus, how do you keep your visitors interested in your product? Find out more in today’s issue.
YBC Update 3 The Ezine is Back
The ezine has been gone a while. What happened and what is going on with My Sunny Ads? Plus, what will come in the next issue?
{Issue 21} Consistent advertising leads results
Classified advertising is still being used as a method of advertising. Will consistent advertising and renewals help your ads perform? What are the benefits of using a text ad exchange? Why are people still using them? A site to help you dress up your RSS feed display widgets.
{Issue 20} Permission based email marketing: Four ways to build trust
In the last issue the definition of permission-based email marketing was discussed. But, how can it be used to build trust? Also, where has the ezine been? Check out the short publisher's note to find out.
{Issue 19} Permission based email marketing what is it?
Email Marketing is a method of promotion that allows us to promote a product or service via email. How can we get our message across and build trust? The real question is what is permission based email marketing? What’s New at YB Café Ads? Major website updates all around. Plus when are the ezine issues going to be published? Find out in today’s issue.
YBC Update 2 Your Biz cafe Websites have moved
Where is Your Biz Café? And what is going on with YB Café Ads? Find out in this update.
{Issue 18} How long should your solo ad be?
Solo advertising is a very effective way to get your website noticed. Plus you gain a steady flow of real visitors to your website gradually. But when you write the solo ad, how long should it be? Also, what’s new at Your Biz Café?