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{Issue 17 Blog Posts} A Croissant a cup of Joe and a lesson learned
After the debacle of an interview, I decided to get a croissant and a cup of coffee. I wanted to calm down from the shock and really think about why the recruiter tore my resume before I left. There is a lesson to be learned from a job interview that goes wrong. What is that lesson? Is being considerate of the interviewer important? What’s new at Blog Text Ads? Find out what in today’s issue.
{Issue 16 Blog Posts} A different classified ad a different post
What’s new at YBC Ad board? Plus, is posting the same ad one after the other on an ad board considered spam? Find out in today’s issue.
{Issue 15 Blog Posts} What is an Ad exchange?
There are many types of advertising websites out there. Some offer viral advertising and some have surfing for traffic. There are websites that allow you to use a multitude of services. Ad Exchanges are a good example of that. What are they? There is a new Category at Your Biz Café employment with a subcategory Strange Interviews. I have had a few strange experiences in my lifetime. I thought I might share a strange experience. A job interview went southbound fast. Find out more in today’s issue.
{issue 14 Blog Post} What is a Text Ad Exchange?
Your website needs traffic and you want to sign up to a text ad exchange. What is a text ad exchange? How can you tell the difference from other advertising websites? How does it benefit your overall advertising efforts? Find out in today’s issue.
{Issue 13} be realistic in your advertising goals
Is it possible to be realistic in our advertising goals? Every time a marketer advertises their product or service, the idea is that sales will be immediate. The marketer will get miraculous earnings. But, is that a realistic state of mind? Also, what’s new at Your Biz Café? Which of our websites had a slight change? Find out in today’s issue.
{Issue 12 Article} A different solo for a different day
What’s new at YB Café Ads? Is it possible to be creative in your solo advertising efforts? Do we need to be cautious when using solo advertising? Find out in today’s issue.
{Issue 11 Blog Posts} Let your campaigns do the work
What does it mean to let your Campaigns work for you? You are using, banner advertising, solo advertising, and classified advertising. Are your campaigns getting the results they need to build a following?
{Issue 10 Blog Posts} Classified advertising does it still work part 2
In the last article, I posted “Classified advertising: does it still work?” I mentioned classified ad boards. Ad boards are a type of classified advertising website that allows you to advertise in different ways. But what are the benefits of using an ad board? How would using an ad board help your site? Also, need to build your business? How about Custom Membership Sites? Find out more in this issue.
{Issue 9 Article} Solo Advertising: Consistency is key to steady traffic Part 2
In Part one of this article, we looked at the reasons why your solo ad campaign is not performing the way you need it to. You are not seeing the results you need for your website. Lack of consistency is the overall reason.