Solo Advertising: Know your Audience
Internet Marketing / September 2, 2017 4:53 pm

Solo Ad Marketing Know your Audience

Keeping your solo ad marketing simple is a good way to start. You want to reach a large audience to get more potential buyers to your websites. Let's say you achieved that and are getting a steady stream of visitors. You discover that that is not enough. You are only getting a click here and there. Question, do you know your audience. What does knowing our audience mean? Let's consider a few things.

Knowing audience means...

Know what they want. What is hot right now? What does that mean? Let's say you are a programmer. You have developed a new script that will do everything. You know that websites need traffic and you have developed something that has a different way of achieving it. Now, you need to target your solo ad to people who want to run their own advertising business. Did you build a beta site using that new miracle script of yours? What about building a mailing list of interested people? Can you target the members of the we...